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We’re working hard on a new site behind here. It’s quite the mess, code and sawdust everywhere.
Until we’re finished with our remodeling, please enjoy these samples of our latest and greatest work.
The new FME website was part of a complete rebranding strategy, led by EPIC, introducing the new brand promise, “Legendary Power. Driving the Future.” While their previous brand strategy emphasized product features and benefits, the new brand is focused on what matters to the people in the markets they serve – bringing soldiers safely home, keeping hospitals running during power outages, etc. The website is organized by markets, with each market section tailored just for those users, leveraging emotional imagery and copy strategies that speak to the specific value propositions Fairbanks Morse delivers to the markets it serves.
The website for Floratine Products Group was completely redesigned from the ground up, following the corporate rebranding and providing a richer experience for users. With products taking center stage, the user is given a complete view of Floratine's offerings, which are backed by research and case studies right on the site.
GCSAA TV is the product of a joint partnership between the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and EPIC Creative. GCSAA.TV brings you professionally produced video content designed to educate, enlighten and entertain. GCSAA.TV takes viewers behind the scenes at major golf tournaments, spotlights the latest university research, offers first-hand tips from the industry's environmental leaders, goes inside some of the nation's most innovative golf operations, and offers special features on your professional association, its history and the work it does each day for its members.
Sta-Green is a heritage brand that recently launched a never- before-available technology in the consumer seed market called Nitro-FuzeTM. This website was designed to communicate the value proposition of this unique seed science to its target audience, the “Gen Y” demographic. The revitalized brand was developed to be simple and straightforward, to clearly and confidently communicate the Sta-Green with Nitro-Fuze technology’s value proposition. The call to action is to learn more about the unique technology, and to visit to locate a store or purchase the product online.
The Technetics Group is a consolidation of eight EnPro companies that make custom-engineered sealing solutions (abradable seals, burst discs, etc.) for critical applications in markets such as nuclear power, medical/pharmaceutical, industrial and aerospace, where human safety is dependent upon their products’ performance. They had traditionally sold through product-centric marketing. Our goal was to reorganize the flow of information on the website to markets first. Each type of customer can now go to their own landing page and see themselves and their unique needs addressed there. Since the new site was launched early 2012, qualified, unique visits are up over 500% and user inquiries up over 250%.
The Honors Course
Ooltewah, TN • Hole #13
David Stone, Golf Course Superintendent
Architect: Pete dye
Andalusia At Coral Mountain
La Quinta, CA • Hole #18
William Carrick, Golf Course Superintendent
Architect: Rees Jones
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